Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Email me at 4SeasonsOfFood@gmail.com and ask!

Can I write about one of your recipes on my blog/website?
Sure - my only requests are that you credit me as the original source, and that you do not reprint my recipes word for word. Please rewrite recipe instructions in your own words, and add your own tips and suggestions. And do let me know if you write about one of my recipes - I'd love to get your feedback.

Can I use your photos on my blog/website?
Please email me to ask permission if you would like to use a specific photo on your website.

Do you do product reviews? 
At the moment, my blog is focused only on recipes, and I do not write posts that are dedicated to product reviews. However, if I feel that a specific product is essential to the quality of a recipe, then I may mention it in my post. Please email me if you have a product that you think fits in well with my style of cooking - I can't guarantee that I'll mention it in a post, but I'll give it a try and see what I think.

Do you do restaurant reviews?
No, I don't currently do restaurant reviews. I occasionally mention restaurants if they have inspired a recipe, but I don't do full reviews.

Will you promote my food-related event on your blog?
Probably not (as I mentioned above, my blog is recipes only). But I might promote the event via twitter or facebook. Email me with the details.

Do you do product giveaways?
Email me with the details. If it is a product that I personally like, I will definitely consider doing a giveaway on my blog.

What equipment do you use for photography?
All photography credit goes to my husband Andrew. He uses a Canon 20d camera. Almost all the photos are taken in the evening with artificial light and no fancy lighting equipment. If you'd like more information or are interested in a post dedicated to photography, please let me know.

I tried a recipe and it didn't work. Is there a mistake in the recipe?
If you had a problem with a recipe, please post a comment about it. I'll reply if I have an idea for how to fix it. All the recipes have worked well in my kitchen, with my equipment, so I can't guarantee that I will know the solution to your problem, but I'll do my best. (If you prefer to email me rather than post a public comment, that's fine, but I prefer comments as it allows other readers to follow the discussion).

Will you add my blog to your blogroll?
Feel free to send me your blog's url, and I'll take a look. If I end up enjoying your blog enough to add it to my Google Reader, then I'll probably add it to my blogroll as well.

What do you mean when you label a recipe as "quick"?
The label "quick" means that the recipes takes 30 minutes or less to make.

What's your favorite Boston-area restaurant?
The best meals I've had in the Boston area were at Craigie on Main and Journeyman. Andrew and I also enjoy Rendezvous in Central Square and Highland Kitchen quite a lot.

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